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Timespliters 2
Timesplitters : Future Perfect
Second Sight
Perfect Dark
Killer Instinct
Donkey Kong Land
A long time a ago

Timespltters - 2000

01. Timesplitters Menu
Listening back to this track always makes me feel cold and tired.
Memories of loading up TS1 back in 2000 trying to get the bugger
finished at some ungodly hour of the night/morning

02.Egyptian Tomb

03.Chinese Restaurant
(cheesy, but I like it)

04. Castle

05. Spaceways
(a personal favourite)

06. Mansion
Horror Lite!

07. Planet X
Seems to be a favourite with a lot of people..just me being silly with some added big beats

08. Future Streets

09. Building Site
(Sort of guitary industrialy type tune)

10. Chemical Plant
(Sort of a 70s spy theme thing)

11. Compound
(my attempt at something a bit old skool

12. Docks

13. Village
(How do you write music for a village? No idea, and to me, this sounds more like Delerium)

14. Spaceship

15. Virtual Tileset

16. Horror Tileset

17. Mall/Supermarket
(even though you don't get muzak in supermarkets anymore, in Timesplitters you do)

Not the most imaginative titles, but they all roughly follow the mood of the levels from the game (in my mind anyway)

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Timesplitters 2 - 2002

01. Siberian Dam
02. Siberian Dam Chopper Attack
03. Chicago Mobsters
04. Notre Dame
This took far too long to write for what it is, but it did break my writers block at the time

05. Notre Dame Boss
got the idea of the pitch bending cymbals from Never Let me Down again split mix by Depeche Mode - got ?
Sorry, nicked

06. Return to Planet X
07. Neo Tokyo
08. Wild West
described by The Edge magazine as Ennio Morricone on Acid - sweet

09. Atom Smasher
A rare dalliance into tempos other than straight 4/4 - can you guess which?

10. Aztec Ruins Exterior
11. Aztec Ruins Interior
seems like it's in my contract to write an Egyptian piece for every Timesplitters game

12. Robot Factory
I'm not sure why I thought this, but I wanted to write the oddest tune I could come up with,
if you think Robot Factory you'd think, mechanical, rhythmic and repetitive wouldn't you?
Seems, I didn't

13. Space Station
14. Mexican Mission
15. Ice Station
16. Hospital
17. Military Training Ground
18. Mobsters Nightclub
This took far too long to write, was fun,
but would have been so much better
and quicker to hire an actual big band,
if a little more expensive

19. Scrapyard
20. Circus
21. Ufopia
22. TS2 Goteki Remix
23. TS2 Streets
24. Spy Fi Tileset
25. Anaconda "bonus minigame"
26. Astro Lander "bonus minigame"
I absolutely loved writing the minigames for TS2

27. Credits

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Second Sight - 2004

01. Isolation
02. Experimentation
03. Fieldwork
04. Escape
05. Madness
06. Rescue
07. Reliance
08. Entrapped
09. Street Life
10. Teamwork
11. Breakout
12. Conspiracy
13. Infiltration
14. Childcare
15. Confrontation
16. Redemption
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Timespltters Future Perfect - 2005

Scotland the Brave
One of my all time favourite tracks I've done, and it's got bloody bagpipes in, I ask you!

Scotland the Brave - Tank Fight
I'm quite pleased with this one too

Mansion of Madness
I need to stop listening to the Shining soundtrack

What Lies Below the Mansion of Madness

Temple "Who's the Mummy" - Me vs Ross Tregenza
bit of me and a bit of Goteki, mix it up and this is what you end up with

Spaceport - Me vs Illuminia
heavily based on the remix I did for Illumina

Cortez Can't Jump
(just doing what I like best, kind of big beat mixed with a million other styles)

Written by Jeremy Taylor, A very talented bloke if ever there was one

I wanted to do a techno version of "Funeral March for Queen Mary" as it's one of my favourite pieces, but not only
did Juno Reactor do it for Matrix too, but my good friend here had beaten me to it, so here it is in all it's glory
crank it up, and enjoy
and that was the end of that

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And now a very few random external links of stuff from the Rare days, for legal reasons I can't host them locally here

Blastcorps - 1994

Simian Acres
Angel City
Helicopter Fly Through

For the first year and a half of development of this game we had no Nintendo 64 hardware,
so some of the music was written on my midi setup at the time.
I had no idea what the N64 was capable and had to just hope that I'd be able to recreate
these tunes once the equipment finally arrived.

Angel City - Midi Version Old Title Tune - Midi Version
I wrote this near the begining, all grandiose and industrial, quite different to what ended up as the final version

Final Title Tune - N64 Version
This tune went through so many add-ons and extensions, and this is to my knowledge the final version that made it.
I first got the idea to revamp it when one coder had the game running on the title tune, and another coder
had the Simian Acres level running at the same time. Somehow the 2 tracks mixed together quite nicely,
so I took the drums from Simian Acres, added it to the Title Tune. Then later on added a few more sections,
lastly adding the guitars from Angel City, waste not want not and all that.

Pool Table - Midi Version
One of the bonus levels to the game was set on a pool table, stands to reason really doesn't it when you're driving a bulldozer around.
Anyway, here's the original version I knocked up for it.
I only wish (1) I could play it live and (2) pubs still had pianos
That would then be my party piece, rather than my slightly less impressive party trick
of drinking cider until I'm about to fall over and running around the room with
a lampshade on my head

Call the Cops - Midi Version
Can't remember which level this was used in.
No prizes in guessing why it's working title was Call the Cops
Had a lot of fun writing this

Replay - Midi Version
This was the first piece I wrote for Blastcorps, it's quite short as I was still
in the Killer Instinct frame of mind where the tracks were about 1.5 minutes

This was supposed to be a mixture between Jean Michel Jarre and what
I'd expect to hear when seeing footage of factories and assembly lines etc
Not sure what people thought of it, but it was played to Shigeru Miyamoto in my room
way back when and he was tapping his foot politely to it so it's probably not that bad
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Killer Instinct - 1994

Party like it's 1994

Glacius - Arcade Version Cinder City - Arcade Version Jago City - Arcade Version Thunder City - Arcade Version

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Perfect Dark - 1999 ish

Area 51 Escape
dataDyne Central
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Goldeneye - 1997

Aztec Complex
Subterranean Caverns
El-saghira Temple
Severnaya Surface 1
Severnaya Surface 2
Converted Missile Train
Disused Military Depot
What the hell was I on when I wrote this?

I'm sure there are more lurking around the net, but for now, that'll probably do

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Donkey Kong Land - Gameboy - 1994

A warning for those who've never heard of a gameboy, the sound chip was pretty primitive,
and it's the sort of stuff that gave computer music it's bad rep for so many year.
as in.."oh, you do music for computer games, you mean all those bleeps and blops"
Well here are those bleeps and blops.

I'm sure the level titles from the game had more imaginative titles that are presented here
but I'm confident we'll all cope and won't lose too much sleep over my filenaming

Building Site
Construction Site
Last Boss

and all this from somebody the Rare bosses felt could only do "dark".
If the above tunes are dark, then slap my arse and call me Susan

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Best Forgotten, Lost, Warts and All The following really should be laid to rest, but what the hell, if you really want to be completest
about these sort of things you might as here some of the guff I did
a long, long time ago in a bedroom far, far away....
Well, 1992, feels like a long time ago to me

Loosely based on Singes Castle written by Rob Hubbard for the C64,
Converted as a Gameboy tune for Donkey Kong Land 1 on the gameboy.
No Idea why it was called Choral. It's pretty ropey, out of time and half finished

How How (remix)
Future Music had a remix competition for this track.
I hadn't heard the original, but it was at the time I was doing the Killer Instinct 1 cd remixes,
so i was in the right frame of mind for it a bit more handbag house guff. Done on a Friday afternoon xmas 94.
It's not what you'd call a relaxing listening, it's a bit frantic.

Inner Earth
This was an rough idea I played around with and eventually updated and
used in TimeSplitters 1 as Spaceship level

One minute race
Jeepers Creepers! What was I like.
Written as a test piece for my interview at Rare, all I can say is, they must have been desperate!
This is one of my "everything but the kitchen sink" tracks
Written on a SY77 with some BBC sound effect record samples thrown in for good measure

more to follow if you can face it

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  Other Stuff I've also remixed 2 tracks for the band Goteki

We Go Chrome (Timesplitters RMX Goteki v Graeme Norgate) on the album Corrupted Files
It'll be the wisest investment of 3.50 I could ever urge you to make.

Metro Deluxe ( Vi Rez remix ) on the fine album Revolution Here on iTunes
a mere 79 of your earth pence for excess of 8 minutes of remix loveliness, or 7.99 for the whole album, a snip!

Plus a (so far unreleased) track for illumina called No Disintergrations
which I believe is a song about Boba Fett, come on it's not every day you get to hear a song about the Fett man!

Comments are always appreciated - mail me at grey242 =-= at =-= gmail =-= dot =-= com

I always try and reply to stuff, although I've been really slack this year due to Haze taking
up all my time (I promise to get back to everyone who has written once it's on the shelves,
so come on, tell me something interesting

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